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The Unata platform is designed for grocery and benchmarked to beat leading global retailers. Grocery retailers work hard to establish their brand and merchandising programs. We provide retailers with control of the look and feel of their website and app, as well as extensive marketing and merchandising capabilities, enabling them to bring their unique brand to life online. Owning the customer relationship both offline and online is key to growing loyalty and retention.

With Unata, grocery retailers control how and when they engage with their customers, always maintaining a direct relationship with them.

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Join Tasty Rewards and save on many of your favourite Pepsico products. Exclusive savings and special offers for Tasty Rewards Members! Michaels is one of the largest craft store chains found across Canada. You can find this chain in most cities and perhaps a few This advanced the bill toward further debate and final passage above. This vote occurred after Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, talked on the floor for 21 consecutive hours to postpone action on the measure.

He then joined his 99 colleagues in voting to advance the bill he had been delaying. In the week of Sept. The House might take up an extension of the national-debt limit contingent on the administration accepting several GOP policy changes.

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  • BLET – Wisconsin State Legislative Board – – September?

With Wisconsin likely to fall halfway short of Gov. Instead of talking job numbers, Walker is now working to call attention to an arcane economic index that puts the state in a better light than the statistics compiled by the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wisconsin was 40th in the Leading Index released in April. But as WPR reports , the latest approach follows a Walker pattern of continually using whatever stats best help improve his political stock.

For example, early in his first term in July when the Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with its monthly estimates on job creation called the Current Employment Statistics or CES , Walker held a press conference with Republicans to tout the figures showing Wisconsin adding 12, jobs during the previous month, one of the best performances of any state.

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Those are actual job counts based on unemployment insurance data from , employers in the state. UW-Madison economist Steven Deller says the changing points of reference leaves the average citizen confused about what to believe. But Deller says Wisconsin has always tended to lag behind national recoveries, noting the state never really follows the highs and lows of the national economy. The Department of Revenue is also predicting slightly faster growth in , with Wisconsin adding about 40, jobs in that election year.

The QCEW through September had Wisconsin 44th in job growth and was widely quoted by Democrats seeking to spin the debate their way. Those who drink the Scott Walker Kool-Aid believe that the governor has set Wisconsin back on its financial feet, saved taxpayers billions, lowered taxes even if for most people it will amount to a lousy five bucks a month and is on the way to creating jobs — some day.

All governors before him have honored a 4 percent maximum. The anti-rail crowd, including the governor, has never been accused of thinking things through, however. It would have upgraded the existing rail bed, including the Watertown-Madison tracks, that is used for freight traffic as well.

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Now guess what? Given the embarrassing circumstances, the state is now quietly forming a rail consortium to include the counties along the Watertown-Madison route. What it all means, unfortunately, is that state and county taxpayers will need to pay for a railroad bed upgrade that would have been paid for by the federal government more than three years ago.

But the way this guy operates, it may be soon. Dave Zweifel is editor emeritus of The Capital Times.

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The Republican bill also would defund and thus kill the health law that is known as Obamacare while continuing the blind, across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration. In addition to reducing fire risks, the purpose of the bill is to fund a law that sends federal payments to nearby counties as compensation for the fact that federally managed lands do not generate local tax revenues.

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The bill devolves U. Forest Service management authority over the newly created timber zones to state boards while granting exemptions from federal environmental laws. Under the bill, states could deny stamps to able-bodied adults without dependents who are jobless, under 51 years of age and not participating in training or some other work-related activity. States could further reduce their rolls by subjecting food-stamps applicants to drug testing.

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Steps such as these would reduce participation from about 47 million to 43 million recipients per month, a figure that varies with the state of the economy. The House has now passed separate bills this year to fund farm subsidies and food-security programs.